What Exactly is Capital Area Surviving the Bleed Foundation?

The Capital Area – Surviving the Bleed Foundation was created as a non-profit, charitable organization in 2018 by local first responders in an effort to raise money to provide schools and the general public with access to bleeding control kits and bleeding control training equipment. Our primary goal is to ensure that all schools in East Baton Rouge Parish have access to these kits and that all teachers are provided with the right equipment to be properly trained in bleeding control techniques. We are a 100% volunteer organization. Members of this organization and personnel who contribute to our cause are not compensated. All of the monies raised will be used for operating expenses and purchasing bleeding control kits and training equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do we need a kit in every classroom?

Some commercial outlets are marketing bleeding control kits that mount on the wall next to the AED or Fire Extinguisher and contain multiple kits. These are great to have, but they are expensive and are not always practical. If there is an active threat the last place you should be is in a hallway or running to get a kit. We want to ensure that there is a kit in every classroom. This will ensure the kit is readily available and safe to access.

How much does a kit cost?

A basic individual commercial kit costs approximately $40 – $60. We have designed a kit that we will put together ourselves that will cost a little less than $20. The kits will include a tourniquet, pressure bandage, gauze, scissors, and gloves.

What kind of tourniquet will be included in the kit?

Our kits will be equipped with a SWAT-T™ (Stretch Wrap and Tuck Tourniquet). This tourniquet is easily and quickly applied and can be used not only as a tourniquet but also as a pressure bandage or wrapping for a splint. Most commercial kits seen today include a windlass-style tourniquet. Because many of our kits will be placed in schools, we want to ensure the tourniquet’s effectiveness on smaller children. From published articles and personal experience, military and civilian, we can attest that the windlass style tourniquets will not work on some smaller children.

When do expect to place the kits in schools?

This all depends on many different factors. This is a HUGE undertaking. We calculate that we have approximately 4,000 classrooms in EBR Parish public schools to include Baton Rouge, Baker, Central, and Zachary. We are currently working to gather data on how many schools and classrooms there are in the private sector. We will need to put together enough kits and coordinate with each school system and local governments to ensure proper dissemination of the kits and adequate training. Our #1 need right now is funding. The quicker we can raise the money to build these kits the quicker we can get them out in the community. Please consider donating today!!!

Meet the CASTBF Founder and President

Justin Arnone


Justin Arnone is the Chief of Medical Services with the St. George Fire Department. He started this project while working as a Paramedic/Training Officer with East Baton Rouge Parish EMS. He currently works for EBR EMS as a part-time paramedic. He also serves as a volunteer Firefighter with the Central Fire Department and a Combat Medic Instructor with the LA Army National Guard. He is a certified Tactical Paramedic, a certified critical care flight paramedic, and also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in EMS Administration. Justin is married and a father of two young boys. Ages 3 and 8. He understands the importance of empowering educators and the general public with the right training and equipment necessary to save lives. First Responders sometimes need help from the public in order to give a patient a chance at surviving. Bleeding control provided by the public is essential to saving lives. Justin is dedicated to carrying out the mission and vision of this organization to equip educators and the general public with the resources needed to help accomplish this effort to save lives in the event of a tragedy.

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